Come See What Happened at SMC

Hey Klesis!

In the summer, we packed our bags and hit the road down to sunny Southern California to Sky Mountain Camp (SMC). SMC is our church-wide retreat site in the San Bernardino Mountains near Big Bear. Since a lot of people went home for the summer, we wanted to see everybody and have some fun. And boy did we have fun (just ask anyone who went). 

Here's how it went down.

Started each morning with some yummy breakfast 

After a hearty meal, we loaded up the kayaks and drove down to Big Bear Lake


Our post kayak victory pose

And if that wasn't enough, we tested our Legolas/Katniss/name-your-favorite-archer skills on the range

Joey and Faith showing how it's done. Meanwhile, Andy's just hanging (and swinging) around.

Then we went on a hike around the property and saw some awesome views before heading down the mountain and back home

And there was more. There was biking, foosball, and basketball too. So much awesomeness in just one weekend.. maybe too much awesomeness.

Whew, what weekend. Well, that was our trip to SMC. So come join jus next time!


Oh, we also made this awesome recap video that captured what we did.