Eating Sundays on Sundaes... what?!

Hey there, so we moved over to west side of campus to College 8...err... Rachel Carson College. After a blistering day in the heat (high of 97), we beat the heat with some ice cream sundaes. And when it got cool, we played some intense competitive games like...

Frisbee and Volleyball. Don't get fooled, there were some pretty intense rallies. People going all out and laying out for the team. 

This might not look like much, but it's a pretty wild and intense game. It's call D-O-G, and the premise is to get 3 juggles but with two different people. And after the the third volley, you can catch the hacky-sack and throw it at someone. If a person gets him, then that person gets a letter until they spell out D-O-G. There lots of missed opportunities and funny errors, but also some amazing throws and dodges. 

As the night rolled about, we just hung out and beat the heat with some nice cold dessert, intense games, and good company.

Come join us at our next event. You don't want to miss out!


Til next time,