New Places, New Faces in Klesis - CMU Mission trip Recap

Blog Post by Paul Kim

Twelve Banana Slugs met at HB to train and prepare their hearts for the Pittsburgh vision trip. Emboldened by the message in 2 Timothy 2, we prayed to be soldiers for Christ in the campuses of Pittsburgh. After two flights, we were warmly welcomed by the CMU and Pitt team in the humidity of Pittsburgh.

We got to meet the CPI’s from Berkeley and Los Angeles as well as see some old faces.

Despite the heat, humidity, and occasional rain with thunderstorms, we were able to grow in fellowship with one another through sports, food, and outreach. Pittsburgh had some great views and even more amazing eats!

During the freshmen move-in week, we toured around the campuses and each of us partnered up with another PITT team member to do a prayer walk around the campus. While we didn’t get to meet many students during the day, we were able to meet many more in the evening by inviting students to play ultimate football, Frisbee, volleyball, and the epic Kan Jam!

We also stopped by George Mason and Maryland University and got to meet its staff and the 50+ members from the Davis mission team, who arrived the same time we did! We also ate Pho at Maryland (it was pretty good!) and got to eat frozen custard for dessert!

In the night, we went monumenting and saw the war memorials, Lincoln memorial, and Washington Monument. It was sobering to see the names and numbers taken by the wars for freedom in the US and other nations.

Before heading off home, we stopped by Pastor Will and Esther’s place in Fairfax! It was really awesome seeing Pastor Will, who had a significant part in impacting Josh and Jacqui’s lives.

It was an amazing trip overall! We got to see old faces and meet the staff, hear their stories, and share in the work of doing outreach and ministry with them.

Through the humidity of Pittsburgh, the late nights of playing sports with the students, the fellowship we had through food, prayer, and DT sharing, our vision and heart for the college campuses and its students have grown.

I am excited for the church plants in Pittsburgh and the rest of the ECCPs and what happens from here on!

Concluding Report: Better than we expected!