Klesis is a UC Santa Cruz campus fellowship that meets weekly to study the Bible and build lasting friendships. College is the perfect time to explore the big questions of life like, “Does God exist?” and “What am I here for?” At Klesis, you’ll find a safe space to ask these questions and seek answers alongside other students. 

Klesis is Greek for “divine calling” or “invitation.” It’s God’s invitation to a relationship with Him. College is full of invitations, but this is a special one. So whether you are a Christian who wants to grow in your faith, or just curious about what Christianity is all about, we invite you to join us!


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Bible Study

A time when we gather not only to listen, but also to discuss why and how the Bible is real and relevant to us in our college context. We also enjoy conversation and share laughter over a cozy meal beforehand. Afterwards, we do all sorts of fun things: go out for desserts, gather in each others' homes for some spontaneous fun or have some healthy competition at game nights and sports nights.


What You Might Expect

Seeking God


Whether you’re just curious about Christianity or actively seeking God, you’ll find a home for your questions at Klesis. We are all about exploring these big issues through discussion, Bible studies, and courses on the basics of Christianity.

Making Lifelong Friends


At Klesis, we want to genuinely connect with one another to build meaningful relationships. Through dinners and outings, we lower barriers and share life together - through the good, the bad, and life after college!

Having Fun


No fellowship is complete without times to just hang out and have fun. So, come join us for game nights, outings, camping trips, potlucks, and hanging out.